Marginalia and Social Dominance Among The Fluffiest People


I’m unnerved by the rabbit society implied among these doodles. In the image above, we see two social classes implied. The two rabbits on the right are naked, laboring, and quadrupedal. Their… master? commander? is heavily armed, standing tall with his penis-shame covered. Who appointed this rabbit-man? Is he a warlord? Has there been some military coup within an established rabbit society?

Or is he merely the first of his kind? Perhaps no other rabbits have learned the human-ways as he has. What does it say that he seems to use these powers for vengeance and domination?

Perhaps the greatest blessing of King Rabbit’s rule is that his short-sightedness will keep the rabbits from overwhelming the earth as their human predecessors have. Let’s pray the rabbit-men never learn the dark magic of cooperation.

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