Check Out These Russian Homunculi Videos

Has anyone else seen any of these homunculus videos coming out of Russia over the past few months? They seem to have started with a Youtuber by the name of Korney, but at least a handful of replications, parodies and homages have popped up from other Russian Youtubers. I’m starting to grow a little obsessed.
There’s 8 installments of Korney’s ‘experiments’ up now. They’re shot in the style of how-to guides, complete with dry exposition about the writings of Paracleseus. They start with a faceless man injecting semen into an egg, and the story seems to be building from there.
For my money, I reckon Korney’s gearing us up for a good ol’ Frankenstein plot arc with his weird little homunculus buddies. There’s some rich thematic ground for a series of viral videos explaining how to create your own monster that will inevitably escape your control… but I don’t want to project too much, while Korney’s still putting his story together.
Check the first installment out here.
Warning: Some of the homunculus knock-offs feature prematurely hatched chicken eggs, and it’s pretty gross if you’re not into seeing living creatures die horribly. FYI.

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