15 Technically True Facts About Animals

An animal can chase the storm.
An animal can fly.
An animal can bridle fear,
and ride it off to gore.
An animal can spark a heat
to dwarf the risen sun.

An animal can wear a shell
An animal can lurk.
An animal can sprout new bones
where heart and lung should be
An animal can feel its web
of atoms growing slow

An animal can learn its name
An animal forgets.
An animal can twist its skin
with mutant colors bright.
An animal can carve its face
on sacred mountain sides

An animal can photograph the growing pains of time.
An animal can see with eyeball, schnoz, wet forking tongue,
antennae, skin, electropulse,
camera lens, long white cane,
Labrador with leather tether,
crystal ball, and hate.
An animal can smell your fear.

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