It Lives

Apologies for having disappeared recently; I’ve been focusing deeply on a new project and trying to keep the details under wrap.

It will still be a couple more weeks until that’s out the pipeline, but in the mean time, check out this setting guide I’ve written for Unknown Armies:
Paris Texas vs. The 333rd Reich

Unknown Armies’ 3rd edition is recently out, and it’s one of my favorite tabletop games. Gamestyles can run the gamut from comedic urban fantasy to personal-yet-cosmic horror. The setting is a fun, gameable take on consensus reality that’s difficult to digest into a single high concept. Essentially, hacking culture and hacking the psyche can lead to hacking reality- either by communion with eternal archetypes or reality-bending obsession with some personal mania. Every action has a price and a consequence in Unknown Armies, and every event has a human source. The game makes it themes clear with the slogan: You Did It.

I devised the setting of Paris, Texas last summer and then made some revisions after satire devoured reality last fall. I’ve got another supplement coming out soon- a school of magic based around purging the soul and becoming a grotesque p-zombie- as well as a guidebook introducing a new cult for the setting. I hope you find time to check them out, or at least to find out more about Unknown Armies!


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