Afternoon, super-pals. The YOUTHFRONT kids finally meet each other for the first time in today’s update. Torchbearer, SlumberJack and Wunderkind are introduced to their new colleagues, I Am Your Dad and Little Boy Red Snow.

In my opinion, the team really starts to work once the kids are all brought together. I hope y’all agree! Check out today’s new chapter, and please don’t forget to hit subscribe.

Also, be sure to tune in next week to see Faye and Mina figure out what to do with their new HOMEFRONT captive… and how to keep the monstrous Brundelzebuub from making things worse.

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(3.3) Agent Litework

We’re at the end of the third section of YOUTHFRONT! We’re nearly halfway through with the chunk I wrote over this summer. Very excited to see the pieces coming together and I hope you guys enjoy reading today’s update.

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I poured myself a coffee heavy on the cream and a water heavy on the lemon. Malcolm Crowe had just talked me into violating my most sacred principle: don’t work with Malcolm Crowe. At bare minimum the bastard could afford to be generous with the amenities.

“Next order of business,” Yaritza continued, watching as my coffee mellowed from black to beige. “You’re going to have a partner on this operation. We told him to arrive a few minutes late so we could get you caught up.”

“You said this was just us.”

“I said this was need-to-know. But. Someone… figured it out.”

“Kid’s a cheat,” Malcolm muttered. “Nothing but a cheap card sharp.”

“Cheap? Somebody hasn’t seen my per diem,” Curt said as he walked in. He wore an immaculate white suit and a pair of mirrored shades engraved with a sun and moon, one on each lens. Generally, people…

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(3.0) Ambassador Ratman


Sometimes, when there’s nothing to do for the Posse and everybody else has wandered home, I like to lay back and see what the rats are up to. It’s nice how well this whole superpower gig has supplemented my lifestyle. Lotsa folks don’t have it so lucky. Poor Jereme can’t touch anyone who’s not infected, for instance. Squatter’s power is cool but he spends so much time schlepping stuff around for Schilling it’s like, what’s the point?

Not me. I’ve got it made. Jereme insists that ‘Ambassador Ratman’ is just some fancy title. He’s half right. It’s the best kind of fancy title. The kind that comes with no responsibilities and more benefits than you can dig out of a dumpster.

It’s not like there’s some interspecies UN at the Central Park Zoo, after all. El Presidente doesn’t even have time to staff his human embassies, let alone an animal…

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(2.2) Faye West


I sank into the captain’s chair and formed the airship from our sugar. Mina and I had bickered with her buddy Jereme for hours in that library, but eventually he’d talked us into it. What choice did we have? It was that or let a singularium full of man-bees swarm the Free Coast.

Dr. Bugman figured that Brundelzebuub was headed to the Big Rock Candy Mountain for food. “The good doctor” had been running low on his monsters’ favorite sweets ever since he’d hatched the man-bees. They’d sniffed out the singularium’s carbon stores while hunting for food. Not long after, Brundelzebuub kicked the doctor out and declared himself King of the Man-bees.

Our best option was to get the Dr. Bugman’s monsters back under control before they stormed the Free Coast. We would fly in from above, send a trail of sugar out to Brundelzebuub as bait, and then trap…

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(1.3) Litework


It was late night in St. Petersburg and I had borrowed the legs of a former ballerina. My pants billowed a bit around their ghostly silhouettes but the woman ahead neither saw nor heard. I wondered distantly how the original owner’s legs had died. They were so graceful, so quiet. What a tragedy it must have been. That was something that had distracted me ever since I got this power, standing under a hail of roses and silver on New Years Eve. I could summon any phantom limb on earth to do my bidding. They all came from somewhere.

This was no time for distraction. The woman up ahead wore a long trenchcoat draped by her wiry black mane. Intel hadn’t disclosed her legal name but her working alias was Provoloka. She was a mid-tier super-criminal, loaning her services out to VICEFRONT’s latest target abroad. Some human traffickers decided to…

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Another small announcement today: YOUTHFRONT has just been accepted for publication at You can read it here.

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Thanks again for reading. Our next update will be next Tuesday, introducing Agent Litework, VICEFRONT and further backstory on the perfidious P!ss Frog.

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Introducing Faye

Hey, folks! Go check out the next chapter over on YOUTHFRONT.

See you next week!


Hey, guys! We’re introducing another new on-going P.o.V. today. Faye West, legacy member of the Sugar Plum Fairy Corps, works with her co-pilot Mina to contain ecological damage from The Big Rock Candy Mountain. Soon she finds herself stumbling into something much bigger, something that could push her old life behind her.

We’ll also get some of our first looks at the Posse Communitatus, a network of regular people and super-beings desperate to topple Bigley’s regime… If they can agree on when, why or how.

Check it out here, or just click on “Latest Update” in the top menu!

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