(1.3) Litework


It was late night in St. Petersburg and I had borrowed the legs of a former ballerina. My pants billowed a bit around their ghostly silhouettes but the woman ahead neither saw nor heard. I wondered distantly how the original owner’s legs had died. They were so graceful, so quiet. What a tragedy it must have been. That was something that had distracted me ever since I got this power, standing under a hail of roses and silver on New Years Eve. I could summon any phantom limb on earth to do my bidding. They all came from somewhere.

This was no time for distraction. The woman up ahead wore a long trenchcoat draped by her wiry black mane. Intel hadn’t disclosed her legal name but her working alias was Provoloka. She was a mid-tier super-criminal, loaning her services out to VICEFRONT’s latest target abroad. Some human traffickers decided to…

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Read Us On Jukepop!


Another small announcement today: YOUTHFRONT has just been accepted for publication at Jukepop.com. You can read it here.

Jukepop is a program that allows users to submit stories and serials for digital publication. If I get enough readership on there I could theoretically see some ‘cash prizes’ but my number one priority is getting content in your hands in whatever way is most convenient for you, the reader.

On that note, please don’t hesitate to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr or even by signing on to receive e-mail updates (available on the rightward menu).

Thanks again for reading. Our next update will be next Tuesday, introducing Agent Litework, VICEFRONT and further backstory on the perfidious P!ss Frog.

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Introducing Faye

Hey, folks! Go check out the next chapter over on YOUTHFRONT.

See you next week!


Hey, guys! We’re introducing another new on-going P.o.V. today. Faye West, legacy member of the Sugar Plum Fairy Corps, works with her co-pilot Mina to contain ecological damage from The Big Rock Candy Mountain. Soon she finds herself stumbling into something much bigger, something that could push her old life behind her.

We’ll also get some of our first looks at the Posse Communitatus, a network of regular people and super-beings desperate to topple Bigley’s regime… If they can agree on when, why or how.

Check it out here, or just click on “Latest Update” in the top menu!

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(1.0) Alex

Alright, guys. Here’s the official first chapter of YOUTHFRONT, the new project I’ve been working on this summer. I hope you enjoy!


My eyes were bloodshot the night I met the man from Heaven. The sun had set and I was submitting my last set of story revisions before dinner. One of my reporters had been covering illegal campaign contributions to the mayor. Looking back, it’s baffling to think about what used to be important. I was so wrapped up nitpicking little words about little men doing little things that I barely noticed when the gravity changed.

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New Project Announcement: YOUTHFRONT

Hey, folks! Today I launch my first web serial, YOUTHFRONT. YOUTHFRONT is a story of young superheroes in the year 2035, over fifteen years into the reign of America’s first super-president.

I’ve only formally started writing YOUTHFRONT this summer but it has been on my mind for over two years now. What started as a dumping ground on my computer for superhero ideas has grown into what I hope is a fun and refreshing take on the superhero genre.

YOUTHFRONT will be updated once every Tuesday with bonus updates posted on alternating Thursdays.

[YOUTHFRONT] Meet Captain Aneurysm

I’m still a couple of weeks away from releasing the first chapter of YOUTHFRONT, my new web serial. YOUTHFRONT’s website is still under construction, but I wanted to share this clip from chapter 25 in the meantime. YOUTHFRONT is a super-hero story set in the year 2035, 19 years into the reign of America’s first super-president.

“Happy fucking birthday, America! It’s the midnight hour which means it’s time for Radiooooooo Stigmata. From God’s mouth to my heart to your ears, this is the Captain and I am ready to Bone. Your. Mind.

It’s a goddamn circus out there, Blood Brothers. There’s an oval in the middle but this tent’s got three rings. Don’t get fooled by the purple clown with the silver hair. An idle ass is the devil’s puppet-hole, as the saying goes. The Captain knows.

Time was the Captain had the devil in there elbow deep. Long time Blood Brothers know. You newbies, you can read all about it in my memoir, Zounds!: From Blood Warrior to God Warrior, that’s Zounds!, from Doubting Thomas Press. It’s a gnarly tale of sin and sorrow, little Blood Brothers, but I hope you too can see the light.

So let’s talk about the devil. Ol’ Salt Peter, the Lord of the Flies. The Tiger Force at the Heart of All Things. The wicked black goat, and I don’t mean that scary chick outta New Bayonne. No, Blood Bros, I am talking about Satan himself.

Who is Satan? Where is Satan? Would we know him if we see him? Seems we’ve got every other kinda monster, demon and ultra-villain. We’ve got two Draculas in the Error Zone, scorpion-men in New Pandemonium and folks sayin’ they’ve seen Baba Yaga in Queens. What’s the score, Blood Fam? With all this smoke, where’s the lake of fire?

Breathe in that smoke, Blood Brothers. In the Bible our fall could take a day but words do funny things with time. I hear it in the heartbeats of snakes and playing children. It’s written in the juices on the butcher room floor. We haven’t seen the beginning of the end, Blood Brothers. We’ve barely seen the end of the beginning.

Now, back to Satan.”